The adult human brain has upwards of 125 trillion synapses in the cerebral cortex alone which each may be comprised of over 1,000 molecular-scale switches.  To say that the brain is complex, is an understatement.  

Built into this system, which we call the brain, is an incredible capacity to adapt to our environment, which might mean freeze, hide, fight, or flight.  And all of these adaptations can become stored in this vast system.  

Brainwave Optimization is also complex, like the brain, and yet, at its core the process relies on a simple and sophisticated technology. That of mirroring.  It is an “electroencephalic mirroring system”.  In other words, it is as if the brain can “see” itself.

Brainwave Optimization allows the brain to “perceive its own oscillatory pattern.”  This is facilitated by transforming brain wave activity into musical tones, that the client can hear.  The technology allows them to listen to their own brain, in real time; in particular, parts of the brain which may have evolved to adapt to stress, trauma and injury.

This blog celebrates this simple concept:  that through self-‘mirroring’ or introspection, we can become awakened to the patterns within ourselves that we have learned to work around or ignore. Mirroring is central to everything from neural self-regulation and synchronization with mirror neurons,  to embodied cognition and learning, to personal development practices, and eastern philosophy.  Did you know that mirror neurons in the brains of birds even enable song learning, and that this mirror neuron activity alone can allow researchers to determine bird species?

So here is to celebrating the mirror, and our own capacity to relate to that which was previously conceived as external, as noise, as broken, and dysfunctional, and through an empathy based awakening process have become realized as an integral component in a balanced state of being.

And, here is to to technologies such as Brainwave Optimization, which allow us to see ourselves and heal ourselves.  

In the words of Leonardo da Vinci
“Let thy soul be as a mirror, reflecting all objects, all colors and movements, itself remaining unmoved and clear.”


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