My basic belief is that the body wants to heal, and has many systems in place that work together towards this end.
I also believe that the body, and that includes the brain, wants to be in a state of balance, and works best when it is in a dynamic state of balance.

The question is, when the brain gets thrown out of balance through physical or emotional trauma, how can it most efficiently move back into balance? One way is through the process of mirroring, and that is what Brainwave Optimization is all about. It is a way for the brain to “see” itself, or mirror itself, through sound. It is a way for the brain to guide itself back into balance, which it does in its own unique, and most efficient, way.

Brainwave Optimization uses EEG technology that turns brainwaves into a sequence of musical tones. When the brain hears these tones, it can make the correction it needs to be in a more balanced state.

Moving into balance

How do we know? Because you can see it happening during the BWO process, on an EEG.

In this graph, the left side of the brain at the frontal lobes is the yellow line, and the right is red. You can see that over the course of 18 minutes, the two are moving into greater balance. By the end, they are in proximity to one another and moving like two dolphins. Not locked in total synchrony, just moving in relationship to one another.


This is the the process of the brain mirroring information back to itself, and moving towards balance. A more balanced brain makes for a more balanced life.

Moving into Balance

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