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About Bryn Perkins

I have been an Integrative Health Consultant and Biofeedback Specialist for the last 10 years. Previously, I worked as a Physician Assistant in New York City. Although my studies and interests have been broad, Bryn Perkinsmuch of my research over the last 8 years has focused on the brain and the systems that support its optimal functioning.

My interest in the brain became more focused as a result of two forces, one objective and the other personal. The first is the growing recognition among researchers that imbalances in the brain can be the underlying cause of many conditions that would ordinarily require a lifetime of medication and therapy. The second and more personal influence comes from seeing first-hand the changes that my husband Andy experienced after having open-heart surgery to repair a faulty mitral valve and two minor strokes in one of the language processing centers of his brain.

About Brain Balancing

I was first introduced to Brain State Technologies by a client, whose sister had experienced brain balancing sessions and had noticed subtle yet powerful effects. (Before finding brainwave optimization, she had been to the brightest and best of alternative and allopathic providers nationally, including many whose books are currently popular, so I consider her a trusted source!)

At her suggestion, I visited Scottsdale, AZ to hear directly from Lee Gerdes (the technology's creator) and his staff. While there, I personally experienced an intensive week of two brain balancing sessions per day. And I can tell you, I came back feeling like a different person.

I experienced improved memory and greater clarity, focus, and energy – during what was an extremely busy and demanding time. I felt more "on" than I had in years! I was also impressed that my brain balancing assessment had picked up a 'bonk' to my head that I had experienced in car accident that happened decades before!

After Andy went through a series of sessions and experienced remarkable results, I was convinced!

About Our Misssion

Our mission is quite simple:

To help you enjoy a life that represents you at your best.

Brain imbalances change how you feel, how you think and how you act. And, most importantly, brainwaves that are out of balance lead to unrealized potential - in health, personal relationships and career performance.

We help your brain return to its natural, harmonious state, so you can realize your full potential in every area of your life.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing is how quickly the changes take effect. Most people notice results after a 5 to 10 day series of optimization sessions. Having been in the health and medical fields for 35 years and having worked with a wide range of healing modalities, I am excited about the profound impact this tool can have on many peoples' lives.