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George N. feels dramatic changes after concussion

George came to Bryn following a bicycle accident and concussion. After being sent home from the ER with advice to just 'take it easy' for a while, he continued to experience significant symptoms that made it nearly impossible to work or follow his day-to-day routine. In this video, George shares the remarkable changes that occurred after his series of brainwave balancing sessions.


Nina Meyerhof finds relief from a decades old brain injury

Dr. Nina Meyerhof is a Visionary Educator and founder of the international organization, Children of the Earth. Since 1990, she has lived with a host of challenges resulting from a brain injury. In this video, Nina discusses the dramatic and sometimes subtle changes she's experienced through brainwave balancing.


Liz is now able to sleep through the night -- for the first time in years

After struggling with a disturbed sleep pattern for as long as she can remember, Liz reports being able to sleep through the night and discusses the profound difference brainwave balancing has made in her life.


Hockey's Kurt Sauer uses his brain to triumph over head injury

Phoenix Coyotes’ Kurt Sauer hasn’t played hockey since he was injured in 2009. After nearly two years of searching for solutions for headaches, pain, vision and sleep problems, Kurt discovered Brainwave Optimization – an advanced neuro-technology that is helping athletes and others get relief from concussions, trauma and addictions.


Solider uses Brainwave Optimization to help with PTSD & depression

Kevin Ivory served 2 tours in Iraq and had been suffering with PTSD and depression. He came to Brain State Technologies to alleviate himself from the trauma he had faced in his life. He discusses the changes he has seen as well as what the technologist saw.


13 year old boy uses Brainwave Optimization to help with his twitch

Robert came to Brain State Technologies because he was suffering from an involuntary twitch. His Dad, Bob, went through the process as well. Watch to see what improvements Robert has made.


Lee Gerdes appeared on "The Judds" on the Oprah Winfrey Network

Lee Gerdes and Brain State Technologies appeared conducting Brainwave Optimization on Naomi Judd. It was a powerful, positive portrayal of what we do.